How to increase your online reputation – Useful Twitter Tools for Hotel Business

How to increase your online reputation – Useful Twitter Tools for Hotel Business

With Twitter such an important social media platform and with so many Twitter tools available, we thought we’d highlight a few that could be valuable to the community manager.

1. TweetAdder Cost: Free or fix fee
TweetAdder is a suite of Twitter automation tools for promotion and marketing. Manage multiple accounts, autotweet RSS feeds, auto follow/unfollow, generate automated tweets or DMs, automate Tweet search and much more.
2. TwitBlend
Cost: Free
TwitBlend helps you search for tweets and arrange color, share and put it on your website using the TwitBlend widget. Grab tweets from anywhere, drag and drop tweets to create conversation and post it to your site.
3. TweetStats
Cost: Free
Graph your Twitter Stats including tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline and reply statistics. It’s useful to help you understand if you are only tweeting on certain days/times.
4. BirdHerd
Cost: Free
BirdHerd is Twitter made easy for groups and teams to update a single Twitter account. Posting is as easy as sending a direct message.
BirdHerd lets you choose who is authorized to post from your group Twitter account.
5. Twtpoll
Cost: Free
Engage Your Customers. Ask Questions. Get Feedback. Use Twtpoll to gather responses from your Twitter followers and let Twtpoll tabulate the results.
6. TweetChat
Cost: Free
TweetChat allows you to follow a Twitter chat based on a hashtag. It’ll auto-append the hash to tweets that you lend to the conversation. Try it on Thursdays at 8:00pm ET during#b2bchat!
7. Backtweets
Cost: Free
Twitter’s standard search has its limitations. One of those limitations is that it can’t find tweets that have linked to your website (or any site you want to track) unless it contains specific search terms that you track.
Backtweets solves that problem. You can enter a URL and it will return a reverse-chronolical list of tweets that contain your domain or link.  It’ll even resolve any links using link-shortening services.
8. GroupTweet
Cost: Free
GroupTweet helps groups communicate privately via Twitter. Twitter allows Direct Messages from one person to another, but if you want to send to more than one person you’re out of luck. GroupTweet can fill that void by allowing you to DM multiple people at once.
9. TweetBeep
Cost: Free or fix fee
TweetBeep will send you hourly Twitter alerts via email so you can keep track of conversations on Twitter that mention you, your products, your company, or anything else important to you. You can keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL.
10. ReFollow
Cost: Free or fix fee
Use ReFollow to drop followers that haven’t tweeted in X number of days or use it to find Tweeps that have mentioned or re-tweeted you that you are not following.
Cost: 10 free follows/unfollows, then plans from $5/month and up.
11. Twazzup
Cost: Free
Get real-time results for any search on Twitter. The results page includes not only tweets but pictures, news, top links and more. Search your name, company, industry keywords or competition and see what shows up.
12. Twitterfeed
Cost: Free
TwitterFeed allows you to automatically tweet new RSS items to your Twitter accounts. Enter the RSS feed URL into TwitterFeed and it’ll send a tweet every time a new article or blog post is published.
13. Tweetreach
Cost: Free. Pro version available with monthly fees.
Find how far your tweet traveled. Search a URL, name, phrase or hashtag, and find the reach and exposure data for those tweets.

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