Hotels : A list of Social Networks Analysis Tools

A list of Social Networks Analysis tools

The Purpose of this post is to help Social Media Manager, Online Media Manager or Community Managers from hospitality industry to get an idea about their influence on social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube….).

Most of the time Managers have no clue about social media or social networks , they know only Facebook, Twitter, sometime foursquare… they have only one goal, how can I see my ROI. (Return On Investment).

Hotel’s Managers Opinions :

For the moment being Manager’s opinions are very simple.

Facebook: “I think people are just on Facebook o relax, have fun, and chat with their friends” wrote Josiah Mackenzie in his Facebook presentation. A Hotel’s guide for Facebook

Twitter: It’s for kids they write SMS

Foursquare: For What…

Youtube: Videos…

The Current Situation :

For Social Media Managers or Community Managers in our industry, it’s quite difficult to explain to a General Managers or Managers that Social Media is not a Sprint, they must understand Social Media is long,a very long journey.
On Social Networks you share, you build a Community, you don’t start to sell, this stage will become later.

We are at the same point than in the early 2000, when the hotel owners have discovered Yield Management.
It was very difficult to convince Hotel’s Managers that we would have a Yield Managers in hotels very soon.

It appears 10 years later, in most of hotels we have a Yield Manager. On 2015 most Hotels or Hotels Brand will have a position available for a “Community Manager”

For Social Networks the process is the same, the main difference is that we could justify the position by a return on investment very quickly for a Yield Manager that we can’t do it for a Community Manager.

If you want to start this journey you must fix your goals, check your competitors, and you must definitely be sure you will get ressources to manage them.
To open an Account on a Social Networks just to be there, to do like your competitors, doesn’t mean anything.
If you open an Account, you must manage it.
If you don’t do it the risk for your property is to loose its credibility and one part of its E-reputation.

Social Networks Analysis Tools :

This list of analysis tools will help you to show them what is the importance of your job, and a way, for you and your property to improve your influence, to fix your Goals on Social Networks.

Klout : An excellent app to track and rate your social media activities (Facebook & Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare…).

Empire Avenue: Similar to Klout – only more complicated with a “virtual investment game” built in.

Crowd Booster: Another good analytic tool.

Peer Index: Another good analytic tool. : Twitter Account Evaluation Tool. Follower counts, ratios, tweet counts. Review Recent Tweets (See what your followers are saying), Follow-back, hide or block new followers. Create Tags, Notes, and Share. Good tool to export your entire follower list to a csv file.

Twitter Counter: Good Twitter Analytics / Comparison & Statistic Tool.

I hope this post will help in your professional environment.

Alain Classe

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