The 4 Steps to Manage E Reputation for Hotelier

Online Reputation Management for Hotels

Online Reputation Management or E-Reputation for Hotels is a really big deal. Simply defined, this is what individuals see when your Hotel name/ Hotel brand is searched for online via search engine (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) or Social Media ( like Facebook, Twitter..)

Hotel Management should be aware it is difficult to regain reputation lost, Althought there are some simple measures that can be taken to help avoid crises and/or minimize them if they happen.

Set up your Hotel Social Profiles

So you’ve made the decision that clients you serve aren’t active enough in Social Media to engage them there. In my opinion, not every type of client base will be.

But rest assured, if your clients aren’t involved with Social Media, the critics and trolls are.

Even if you don’t plan on using the Accounts, set them up anyway, and check security so no one can start a “fake account” using your exact Hotel Name.
It really gets disastrous when a Hotel fails to get control of their brand name. When you neglect to use Social Media you are allowing other to speak for you as if they were you.

Remember in the past, Hotel Sales department, Hotel Managers were in charge of communication, they were owner of this communication, nowadays even if they don’t want to accept it, they don’t own one part of this communication, and it’s like this since the Birth of the Web 2.0.

To be a “Pro” on Facebook or Twitter check-out ReviewPro Web Site and their different guides for hotelier.

Facebook for Hotelier:
Twitter for Hotelier :
Post by Josiah Mackenzie

Monitor Your Hotel Brand Set up your Hotel Social Profiles

Do you want to completely blow your chances at succeeding? Then don’t pay attention to what is being said and who is saying it about your Hotel.

There is a poor man’s ORM monitor; it’s called “Google Alerts.” Setting up a Google Alert for your Hotel is pretty easy to do, and I’m really surprised when I hear Hotel Managers who don’t use it.
There is no cost it’s free.
You can also make a “Google Alerts.” For one of your competitor.

How else will you know if an upset customer has written a nasty blog post about you? Or how can you tell if the Local or National Newspaper has mentioned your Hotel in one of their article?
Don’t wait for someone else to tell you about the News. You must be the first to know when your Hotel is mentioned is a great way to respond quickly and let upset clients know you are listening — especially when they don’t think you are.

Beginning September 2011, The Company Olery post a list of 100 Hotel Review Web Sites, imagine if you should check them manually on a daily basis.

For Hotels you can get in touch one of these Company Reviewpro , Revinate, Trustyou, Olery or Guestback,
They get tools to help you to manage your Hotel Online Reputation thru Social Networks and thru Review Web Sites like Tripadvisor, but remember Tripadvisor is not the only one, don’t focus only on it.

Respond in a Timely Manner

You should be aware that Social Media is a great way to engage with customers.
However, nothing stirs up customers more than being ignored.
It’s fine if you’re only tweeting or posting on Facebook every hour or so, but make it a point to check any messages/emails/@replies every hours or so.

To do it you must use a Social Network Analysis Tool, you can use one I mentionned in my post Hotels : A list of Social Networks Analysis Tools otherwise use a professionnal solution mentionned before.
On top of that, make it clear on your profiles and website how frequently the messages
are checked, so customers have a rough idea when to expect a reply.
Always respond in a timely manner to your customers who give their impression thru Tripadvisor, or other Review Web Sites (see if possible), if you don’t know the Best Practices for Responding to Review check out the post of Daniel Edward Craig : Best Practice to respond to review

The last thing any Hotel or Hotel Brands want to see is their name being abused by upset customers.

Never Engage Critics Online

Engaging clients online is good for your business. However, when you start communicating with critics/trolls/flamers you may be opening Pandora’s Box.
Always Offer to your Customer to take the discussion offline, even go so far as to privately send them a phone number to speak directly to a person. Sometimes people just want to talk, but also offer them a direct source to get some answers and, more importantly, a resolution to their problem.


Being proactive about managing your E-Reputation and knowing what’s being said online is a key component of good Hotel business practices, Reputation Management is Revenue Management.

Post by Alain Classe

My sources :

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  1. You made some good points. It is important to take ownership of your online reputation by engaging the audience and some of the tools you mentioned do a great job of monitoring the conversation. I have used Google Alerts too 🙂

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