Hotels : 8 Tools to help you to manage Social Media on a daily basis.

Hotels : 8 Tools to help you to Manage Social Media on a Daily Basis.

Most of  Hotel’s Managers don’t want to use social Media due to a lack of ressource,  here are some tools to help you keep a track and manage social media everyday. Don’t forget you are not there to sell something, ( Most Managers wants to sell ) you are there to share experiences about your property, the selling process will become later, be patient.

  1. : The unofficial facebook blog lists down the most popular pages and applications. This application is the daily Facebook page stats update.
  2. Buzzref : provides a good analytics of your Facebook page. Gives out instant statistics and graphs too.
  3. : The easiest way to manage your tweets, to schedule them.
  4. GoogleAlerts: Need I say anything about this? Get notified when a keyword selected by you is mentioned somewhere in the Web universe.
  5. Insidefacebook : A cool thing to check out rankings of top pages and applications
  6. Kurrently: Used by many agencies out there. Tracks in realtime which people shared a keyword on Facebook and Twitter
  7. Klout : One of the most trusted tools used by many people, Picks out most influential twitteres and also gives you a score – Klout Score
  8. Monitter : Lets you do twitter monitoring in real time
  9. Socialmention : It’s like Google alerts but for social media. You can also track sentiments – positive,negative,neutral.
  10. SproutSocial :  A real good one. Offer solid social media management at affordable prices, and its real easy.
  11. HowSociable? : A simple tool to measure visbility on social media

Try them and Have a nice day.

I know you are using other tools, don’t hesitate to share them here

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