Hotels: 9 Tools to Manage your Social Network Accounts

Hotels:  9 Tools to Manage your Social Network Accounts

I made this post for those in the Hospitality Industry who are very active on Twitter, Facebook  or other Social Networks.

Most of Social Media Specialists explain you that there’s no need for you sit all day on Twitter or other Social Networks and there are right.

Some developers or Company created Specific Tools to manage Status or schedule your Tweets.

These several Tools will help you to keep your Accounts updated regularly.


Buffer is a Great Twitter Chrome extension that allows you to schedule or spread out your tweets throughout the day.

Visit Site Buffer

Co Tweet

CoTweet is a Twitter scheduler that allows you to schedule your tweets to a future date.

Visit Site Co Tweet


Garious is an effective scheduling tool that will send your message to over 30 social networks.
Visit Site Garious

Hoot Suite


Hootsuite is a great tool for managing your social media profiles which lets you schedule your tweets as well as Facebook updates and updates to other social networks at one time.
Visit Site Hoot Suite

Later Bro

Later Bro is a simple web based application which allows scheduling your Facebook Statuses and Twitter Tweets.
Visit Site Later Bro

Post Later is designed for Bloggers with multiple blogs or micro-blogging accounts to schedule tweets.
Visit Site Post Later

Social Oomph

SocialOomph is a Social Networking Tool that allows you to save tweets that you might want to schedule again and again.
Visit Site Social Oomph


Taweet is a social calendar and event promotion application for Twitter that lets you schedule tweets for the future.
Visit Site Tatweet


Twuffer is a twitter application exclusively meant for setting tweets for anyone has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets.
Visit Site

I hope this post will help you to manage your Social Network Accounts on an easiest way.

If you know other  Tools, and I know you use other Tools  don’t hesitate to share them.

Post by Alain Classe


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