5 Tools to Analyse your Twitter Results on a Daily Basis

5 Tools to Analyse your Twitter Results on a Daily Basis.


TWEETSTATS is the most basic tool to analyze how you use Twitter.

This site provides a chart to see candences your tweets, and the days you’re the most prolific.
Remember the Twitter anaylse always starts with the analyse of your own behavior.


TWITALYZER is one of the most known and most used Tools on Twitter. It allows as soon as you have provided your twitter account to have a clear idea of ​​what you are on Twitter.

It knows the rhythm of your tweets, their potential success, if they are read by influential people on the network, and it will tell you what are the terms most often associated with your Twitter profile.


TWENTYFEET  it is a comprehensive service working with Google Analytics, which is compatible with multiple networks. (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, bit.ly). It provides an overview of all aspects of your social activity.

It doesn’t give you stats that you can’t get elsewhere but they are presented in easy-to-read graphs and charts and allow you to see your metrics all in one place.


PEERINDEX,  Much more complete than most free tools, is a rising Peerindex in site traffic analysis on twitter.
It clearly defines an index of influence and profile the type of user that you are on twitter.
It is very useful to better know his contacts on Twitter.


Klout is the measure of reference on Twitter. Above all it is free and can be applied to Facebook and other Social Networks.
The large number of parameters evaluated allow Klout to strictly define the type of twittos you are.



What do you think about the above Twitter Applications ?

Have you tried any of these techniques with success? Let me know! Please leave your comments in the box or via Twitter at @alainclasse.

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