Tutorial to Spy your Hotel Competitors for Hotelier

How to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Hotel Competitors?

These days, spying on your Hotel Competitor is easier than ever.

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Networks for Hotel businesses, and it gives you an advantage that you may never have had before. Because most Twitter data are public, you can easily use these data to learn so much about your Hotel competitor’s followers and their Social Media Strategies.

In this post, I will show you different ways you can use these data to know what your Hotel competitors are doing.

Before We Get Started.

First of all you need a Twitter Management Client; it will help you manage most of the following information in one place.

For these examples, I am going to use my Twitter management client, CoTweet , as you can do everything discussed using a free account. You can also do similar setups in other famous clients such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, HootSuite, and other Management Client Applications.

  • Follow Your Hotel Competitors on Twitter

One of the best ways to get to know what is working for a Hotel competitor is to watch what they do.

On Twitter you don’t even have to directly follow them, you just create a private Twitter list (only visible to you) and add your Hotel competitor to that list.

If the competitor has more than one primary Twitter account, (most of them have only one primary account), include them as well.

By This way, you will have a stream of incoming informations telling you exactly how they handle their Twitter strategy, if they get one.

You can create a private Twitter list on Twitter by selecting “New List” on your homepage sidebar, or created it directly in Cotweet by adding a new stream, selecting your Twitter account, and create a New List. Then add all of the relevant Twitter accounts.

Here I can see Four Seasons Hotels are tweeting about #Frifotos and #Paris.

  • Monitor Their @reply

Why should you watch just one side of their conversation.

Setting up a search for your competitor’s @username will give you a look into what people are saying to your competitor. This way, you can see what their fans like or dislike about them, as well as questions they have.
You can create a search in Twitter by simply searching for the @username of your Hotel competitors and using the “Save this Search” option, or creating it as a new stream in CoTweet or HootSuite

As you can see in the above example, you can create a more advanced search query in HootSuite or CoTweet. This one uses the keyword search for both of the company’s Twitter usernames. Now you can have one stream showing mentions of either username. Now, imagine if, while analysing your Hotel competitors you find that they are not answering their customer’s questions, but you can. Or you are seeing specific complaints about your competitors about a particular product or service, and you can offer them something better in your Property.

  • Take Time to analyse their Followers

Have you ever wanted to get some insight into your competitor’s client list? Remember as soon as a GM’s hire a new Sales Manager, a new Director of Sales he wants to know if he will get the list of his Contacts.
For Corporate business is one thing, for Leisure and individuals it’s another thing.

Well, now you can. (only some of them, don’t dream…)

Services like Tweepi allow you to bring up their follower list and sort it by the number of updates their followers have, their following count, their Klout score etc.
So you can essentially find out who some of their most active and influential fans are.

You can also run your competitors through TwitterCounter, which will show you how quickly your Hotel Competitor is getting followers, how often they tweet per day, and the number of days it will take to reach their next milestone of followers.

You can run Also TWITALYZER which will show Key measures and Metrics, and more cool data.

Or you can run TWEETSTAT which will show you Retweeters, Followers and so on.

Use this information wisely, though. Don’t just start spamming your competitor’s followers with tweets, hoping to grab their attention.

Use the above tools to find out who the followers of your competitors in your Hotel niche are, and then work to build a genuine relationship with them and why not, to get them like a future Customers and future Brand Advocates.

  • See what your Hotel Competitors are doing on Other Social Networks

Many Hotels connect their Twitter account to other social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare, Google + and others, even if it’s not really recommended so many of their status updates from those networks will go through their Twitter stream.

If we assume your Hotel Competitors have a good Twitter background design, they will probably list their primary Social Networks on that as well.

That will be a good opportunity to find out what other Social Networks your Hotel Competitors use and how they use them, like Flickr or Pinterest

Like this you can include them in your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy.

  • Check their Hotel’s Blog

Blogging and other forms of content marketing are great strategies for generating traffic and building relationships with your customers.
It gives new visitors a reason to visit your site and current customer’s reasons to keep returning for more.

If your competitor is getting a lot of attention based on their blog posts and articles (something you will likely see if they get a lot of articles retweeted in their @replies), then this is a strategy you will want to start utilizing as well.
Although you must be aware that whatever is the reason, you will be more likely to devote the energy required to make your blog a success when you have a clear purpose for doing it. If you want to, I suggest you to read
A Hotel’s Guide to Blogging: http://www.reviewpro.com/guides/en/ReviewPro-Guide-to-Blogging.pdf via Josiah Mackenzie

  • Check their Hotel’s Score

Want to know more about your competitors’ overall Twitter score?
TWEET GRADER allows you to enter the username of anyone on Twitter and get a rating on their Twitter presence.

This report will also show you the top most mentioned keywords in the user’s tweets. You can compare your score to theirs, and see suggestions in the report for what you could be doing better.

You can also sign up for KLOUT using your Twitter account and analyse the influence of your competitor. This report analyses the interaction a Twitter user gets from their followers, retweets, follower to following ratio, and other factors that determine the true reach of a user’s tweets.

  • Use a web-based, analytical tool dedicated to Hotel Business.

As I wrote earlier in my post Hotels: The 4 Steps to Manage your E-Reputation, you can get in touch one of these Company ReviewPro , Revinate, Olery or Trustyou.

They offer a web-based analytical tool that allows hotels to efficiently manage their presence in leading Social Media sites and Hotel’s E-Reputation.

What do you think about Spying on your Hotel competitors? Have you already done it?

Did you try to spy on your Hotel competitors on social networks ? Please let me know! Don’t hesitate to share your comment below

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