Hotels : Community Manager – A New Job

Hotels: Community Manager – A New Job

This professional has an unknown function of many hoteliers who have yet to appeal to interest him, especially the independent 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, hotels affiliated with large chains often benefit from a management of their online reputation by their network. Althought is not enough.

Some hotels are using a different name like, Online Marketing Manager, Web Coordinator, and so on.

The role of a Community Manager

The role of community manager will be to follow live on the internet all that is said about the Hotel and / or Restaurant guide and information so that it is favorable to it.

The missions of the Community manager go far beyond a simple watch, he must:

1. Stimulating comments on a hotel in creating an engaged community that interacts;
2. Stimulating comments on a restaurant in creating an engaged community that interacts;
3. Multiply the positive views;
4. Limit the negative opinions, responding quickly to any criticism by concrete action from the hotel.
5. Develop a community of bloggers as ambassadors of influence (Brand Advocates) may be invited at events, inaugurations as well as the press.
6. Increase the rate of conversion of ‘commentators’ on social networking clients.
7. Increase the visibility of his property on the Web.

A key to increase its direct sales

While working on his online reputation or E reputation, an independent hotel can gain visibility and can more easily encourage customers to book direct, through a strategy of direct communication.

The main Question is:

“Is it normal that when a customer stays in a hotel through an OTA, receive a satisfaction survey by the same travel agency rather than the hotel itself?”

The Hotel Management abandoning their clients before and after the stay, the Community Manager can play this role.

By going directly to users, it may encourage them to buy online thru the Hotel web site and minimize their cost. Hotel Management should be aware about the huge commission cost they get when a guest book thru an OTA.

Which Tools to control their online reputation

Many programs exist to track its reputation, but more and more and more companies offer this service management to manage Hotel reputation.
For Hotels you can get in touch one of these Companies Reviewpro , Revinate , Trustyou or Olery.

They get tools to help you to manage your Hotel Online Reputation thru Social Networks and thru Review Web Sites like Tripadvisor, but remember Tripadvisor is not the only one, don’t focus only on it.

However, the benefits available to hoteliers, restaurateurs vary from simple access to all records of a facility or access to the data of its establishment and those of its competitors, or to a Community Manager that manages the online reputation of the Hotel by taking a proactive approach.Read my former post about Tutorial to Spy your Hotel Competitors with Twitter

Far from being the enemy of hoteliers, restaurateurs, internet offers instead the keys to interact in real time and be true ambassadors of Internet users who create and disseminate information, and bring to a hotel source of direct income.

Finally, the Community Manager allows hoteliers to restaurateurs develop a strategy for Direct Sales.

How to select your Community Manager, which skills he should have?

Now, Hotel Managers needs to find the right people and it will take times because the Community Manager must first be familiar with
1. Web 2.0
He needs to be aware of the latest trends about Social Networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and so on.

2. Webmaster
He needs to be familiar with SEO, SERP and CMS.
He needs to be familiar with Emailing.

3. OTA
He needs to be familiar with OTA.

4. Hospitality Industry
He needs to know how your Property is working
He needs to know how are working Hotels departments like Housekeeping, Banqueting, Catering, Front Office, Marketing, Guest relation…
He needs to be familiar with Revenue Management, E reputation is part of Revenue Management.
He needs to get a good knowledge of your local market.

In my opinion the best way to get “the Right Man” is find someone who is familiar with the 4 points mentioned above, in addition you can check his Klout score or peerindex score or his twittercounter score, it will help you to select the “good one”.

Being proactive about managing your E-Reputation and knowing what’s being said online is a key component of good Hotel business practices, Reputation Management is Revenue Management.

What do you think about this new position in the Hospitality industry? Let me know! Please leave your comments below.
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