How to Create a Weekly Social Media Calendar for Hotelier?

How to create a Weekly Social Media Agenda for your Hotel?

In most Hotels, Management have no clue how to deal with Social Media, how long it will takes per day, per week ,to work on it.
Most of the times it’s because they are afraid, technology goes too fast. They don’t know how to handle Social Media. In One word, mostly because they do not master the subject.

They don’t realize the great opportunities they get in their hands using Social Media, opportunity to create relationship with customers, opportunity to get Brand Advocates, Opportunity to generate revenue, on every Facebook Page from Westin Hotels you can make your future hotel booking.

On this post I will give you an idea what’s your Weekly Social Media Agenda can looks like, and how you can convince them to go ahead.

In many property the person in charge of Social Media, is also in charge of other Tasks, She or He is Public Relation Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, and managing Social Media is not Her or His primary task.
I have tried to create Social Media Agenda to help Hotelier to manage Social Media on timely manner.

The first thing to do is to select your tool to monitor Social Networks, if you don’t know which one to select see my former post 9 Tools to manage your Social Networks Accounts I suggest you to use Hootsuite, because you can manage different Social Media Streams on your screen, but you can also use different other tools see my former post about tools, few months ago Eric Goldstein posted a complete Twitter Application List. have a look you will discover a lot of great tools.

Daily in the Morning and Afternoon

  • Check Twitter. Respond or Retweet when necessary. Follow the @replies that makes sense.
  • Check LinkedIn. Reply to emails and comments when appropriate.
  • Scan Twitter followers for relevant conversations to join.
  • Check your Hotel or Restaurant’s Facebook Page for questions and respond when necessary.
  • Check Your Hotel or Restaurant’s Google+ page for questions and respond when necessary.
  • Scan Google Alerts for brand and company mentions. Respond as appropriate.
  • Check and manage your “E-Reputation Software” and respond to guest review in a professionally manner.
  • Check your ranking on Klout, see what are the influencers of your competitors. Check what are the Best K+ Recipients about your favourite subject and try to engage with them.

Weekly or on Weekends

  • Build Twitter Lists to better organize ongoing discussions and special interest groups.
  • Set up saved searches in Hootsuite to find out if people are talking about you or your hotel
  • Set up saved searches in Hootsuite to find out if people are talking about your city, your Hotel Competitors, interests around you property.
  • Create Your Google alerts in different languages, ex: Hotel Genève is not equal to Hotel Geneva.
  • Scan LinkedIn questions from network connections and respond when appropriate.
  • Scan Linked in group and Join interesting one, more Info..
  • Catch up on LinkedIn discussions.
  • Add to Linked discussion when appropriate.
  • Send LinkedIn invitations to connect with clients when beginning a new assignment.
  • Spy on Your Competitor with Twitter, it’s always very important to know what they are doing, learn how to do it.
  • Add new content to Facebook like videos or photos.
  • Think of ways to repurpose this content and energy to reach a larger audience.
  • Keep an eye open for new social networking venues, tools, and functionality that will make the social networking experience more enjoyable and easier to traverse.
  • Identify new social networking influencers and build relationships where appropriate.
  • Check your followers; sometimes it’s good to make a cleanser of your twitter follower, if you want to do so try Tweepi.

Through the Week

Mondays: Schedule tweets through Hootsuite to go out three or four times per day at regular intervals. If you are not sure about the schedule you can use Tweetwhen
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Join one hot trend conversation on Twitter, if appropriate, and add new content to Facebook and Google + (new items you are selling, photos, discounts, Special Packages and other promotions).
Tuesdays and Thursdays: Respond to blog, add photos or new post to your blog, answers to blog comments.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: Check your Foursquare Account
Tuesdays: List your property on Social Media Directory Twitter Application List
Fridays: Check traffic at your blog or website.
Fridays: Participate to #followfriday, #ff or #frifotos on Twitter
Fridays: Analyse your Weekly Twitter results thru different tools like Twentyfeet or Twitalyzer

You must organize a Social Media Meeting once a week to discuss about marketing opportunities with your management, or during your Marketing Meeting to get one part dedicated to Social Media. Obviously, your daily Social Media to-do list will be much different, given your available time and commitments.

You must remember your Weekly Social Media Agenda must be livable.

If it’s not working, change it. Keep making modifications until it works for you and for your Hotel.
I’am sure I’ve missed some Social Networks, Like Gowalla, Yelp, YouTube and many others… this list is a non exhaustive one, if you use one of them adapt Your Social Media Calendar.

What do you think about this Social Media Calendar for Hotelier? Let me know! Please leave your comments below.
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Posted by Alain Classe

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  1. Great post Alain. I think the task calendar needs to accommodate Real Time Marketing, when something comes up the Social Media team at the Hotel needs to react and cover the event real time.

    I was discussing this exact thing with a client when there was suddenly a fire drill at the Hotel. I made a little video clip and used it as an example of how they should react to the unexpected!

  2. Very useful Alain. Thank you very much for sharing. I agree with you, most people don`t have a clue, so your guide is quite useful

    • Hi Alvar,

      Thank you for your comment, it’s true most people don’t have a clue, and unfortunately when we were at school we didn’t have Social Media Modules, we need to learn on a day by day basis.
      Have a nice day.

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