The 3 Steps to Create a Cutomized QR Code for Hotelier

The 3 Steps to Create a Cutomized QR Code for Hotelier

For those Hoteliers who don’t know what a QR code is, here is a quick introduction, a QR or “quick responds” code is encoded information in a coded form readable with the help of a QR-readers.

It’s like a barcode of a product, and the counter scanner scans the barcode to get the price, while in this case the encoded information, mostly a destination Url website, can connect you on any web site or Social Media site, like Facebook, Blogs and so on…

Nowadays QR codes are everywhere, you’ll see them while window shopping, reading the newspapers, on a bottle, on Ads, for contest (scan to win), and for the last trend t-shirts.

In the last meeting I’ve participated, I had some questions regarding QR Codes, whether QR codes are even useful or not.

That is a very interesting question, the only thing that we can be sure the QR code is the link between Numeric support and Paper.


For the rest we let Marketing Managers talking about it. If you want some ideas on how can we use Qr codes in our industry read the post of Patrick Landman from Xotels – How to use QR CODES as a Hotel Marketing or Guest Service Tool

However this post is more about customizing and designing your Hotel QR code, making it different or standout.

There are a lot of QR codes generators out there, but unfortunately most of them just generate a basic, a black and white QR code.

Recently I stumbled upon QR, so here are a way you can design your own QR code without the need or knowledge of a Photoshop, Gimp or design, because you certainly don’t have design skills, You are not an IT Specialist, a Webmaster, a Designer or if you get them all you are a lucky man.



First of all go to it will give you the possibility to get the exact Hex String you need for your QR code. In one word you get the colour you want.

See photo 1 and photo 2

In my example I took the RGB colours – R200 G 185 B145, Click on display, you will get the Hex String C8B991 The result will appear on the background of your screen. (photo2)

Keep this page open


Now we are able to create a customize QR code, with your own background colour, you can add: Your personalized Logo, photo, link to your webpage, to Facebook…and many more.


QR Hacker Follow the different Steps:

  • What to encode

Select your needs, for my example I have taken Vcard with my photo.

  • Your content

In my example I took the web site of my Blog but it’s easier to take a for shortening URLs. It also provides you with an info page to track how often your link it clicked on. Insert your destination URL into to gain a measurable link to your QR Code, which will be trackable through

  • Customize

    You can use your Hex String C8B991 in your background

The big advantage of this Web Site is the possibility to add Photos or Logo in the Qr Code

  • The Result

You can try to play with the different option from the Customize Menu; if your result is not perfect click on the photo you can resize it or delete it

  • Save Qr.

    You can save it on your C: drive


On your computer, Go to PAINT

Resize your Photo in order to take off ads, and Save it.


Great your get your QR customized code. Now you have just to insert this pictures on any support related to this QR code.

What do you think about this tutorial? Let me know! Please leave your comments below.

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