How to Increase your Hotel Content Visibility on Social Media

You have noticed that with so many different Social Networks, it’s difficult to make your hotel content truly stand out.

As soon as you follow a hundred or a thousand Twitter users, they are inundating your Social Networks stream with information that may or may not pertain to you even if you use a dedicated application like Hootsuite. So the question is, as a Community Manager, how do you cut through the clutter and direct the attention of prospects and customers to your Hotel Social Media content and messages?

I’ve get a list of tips to increase your Hotel content visibility on the 3 major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How to Increase Hotel Content Visibility on Facebook

1. Create a business page
That shows what your hotel is doing. Your hotel must have one.

2. Create a custom landing page tab
Make it the default landing page tab for new page visitors, and encourage them to like you and download a content offer such as your Hotel ebook. To do so you can use Pagemodo.

3. Do something different, do so ethnie special
Every Property has a Facebook page now, and most brands are learning that they need to constantly engage with their followers.
To do so Start an interactive contest, Offer an exclusive content, offer an exclusive Package only available to Facebook fans. (be careful about Lowest Internet Rate Guaranteed)
Give your fans a reason why they should “like” you.

3. Experiment with Facebook ads.
They allow you to target your audience more accurately and help drive more people to your page. You can start Ads campaign on Facebook.

4. Include videos and photos on your Facebook Pages!
YouTube isn’t the only channel you can use to leverage video content and increase your Hotel awareness. Furthermore, include pictures of people interacting with your hotel. Make your Facebook Page a visual expérience for your Fans.

If you want to get some ideas how to increase your Fan number on Facebook read my former post.

How to increase Hotel Content Visibility on Google+

1. Leverage your Google+ business page.
If you haven’t already, create a Google+ business page for your property, encourage your fans to add your hotel page to their Circles, and optimize your page to expand the reach of your content on Google+.
Google+ is a social network that thrives off of visual content, so incorporate a lot of images in your Google+ Hotel marketing strategy.
On the photo module you can create one book with 6 or 7 images per F&B Outlets, one for your Suite….

2. Be strategic about your Circles.
When you share content and information, use the Circles to determine who will be the most interested in that information. You can create a lot of Circles, you can create one circle per F&B outlet, one fan can belongs to different circles, don’t hesitate to use this option. That will help you in a next future.
Most of the time you are already a Facebook champion, analyse what went wrong with your Facebook list, and correct the way you manage them to avoid the same errors with Google circles.

3. Think outside of Circle.
Consider sharing content using Google Hangouts. If you have no clue what I’am talking about get a look at this tutorial.

4. Tag others in your posts.
Not only does it engage them, but it helps to spread your content to their connections, too.

5. Make Your Page Eligible for Direct Connect
Google is starting to include Google+ posts from businesses with Direct Connect in its organic search results. Make your page eligible for Direct Connect so you can take advantage of Google+ being part of the most powerful social engine around.

How to Increase Hotel Content Visibility on Twitter

1. Leverage #hashtags.
Do not only keep track of who is talking about your Hotel, a future Event or Past Event, but also to promote on an easiest way your Hotel content.

2. Engage with influential people on Twitter.
The next time you share an interesting article, they may be the one retweeting it to their thousands of followers. To do so you can use Klout, check your influencers and their list it will give you a good idea who are the best influencers on a certain topics like hotel or hospitality.

3. Ask questions.
when you tweet about a certain content. It gives people a reason to respond, interact, and want to share your information.

4. Share pictures on Twitter about your hotel.
Many people just skim their tweets, but if they see a photo included, they may take a second look.
In order to do so try Tweepic.

5. Utilize Twitter lists.
It helps you keep track of followers who may have previously engaged with you. That way, you can better target your tweets and get the continued attention of people who should be listening.
In order to do so you can use the formulist.

What do you think about this tutorial? Let me know! Please leave your comments below.

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  1. managing all channels and pages is a huge effort, how do you manage your social media campaigns? any specific tools? Would have nice ideas and alternatives what to be used.

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