Hotelier: How to use the New Scheduler Post Feature in Facebook?

Hotelier: How to use the New Scheduler Post Feature in Facebook ?

Do you know in Facebook we get a great new feature named Scheduler Post?

If not you must be aware that Facebook page owners can now create posts and schedule them to appear a specific times by using a new feature in the page’s publisher.

In most Property the person in charge of Social Media  wasn’t able to schedule post on his Facebook Hotel Page. Most of the time due to a lack of knowledge about Tools like Hootsuite, where you can manage multiple Social Networks on one Dashboard. Many Hotels or Restaurants are only using Facebook, if it’s your case this feature Scheduler Post can help you a lot.

You must realize that this Feature will help you to manage your future Marketing Campaign, you know you will have a Special Event in your Property use the Scheduler Post Feature.

Do remember that you can Schedule your post with the status Public or to use the Location/ Language option, in this case you can schedule your posts also in different languages. If you don’t know how to use this feature read my former post

The Facebook new feature requires that posts be scheduled at least 10 minutes from when they are created. The publisher also offers times in 10-minute increments so it seems posts cannot be scheduled for 12:15, for example.

You want to check what your schedule, use the link 

On this page you can amend your schedule posts, on the right corner of each one you get an arrow where you can select one of the three option

  1. Change Time
  2. Publish Now
  3. Cancel Post

What do you think about this unknown Facebook feature ?

Did you try it with success? Let me know ! Don’t hesitate to share your comments below.

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  1. Hi Alain and thank you for your article! You’re right : for people who don’t use tools to schedule their posts, this new possibility offered by Facebook is more than useful because time is the key (or one of the keys) of a high visibility & conversion rate.

    Following this idea the question is: do updates scheduled using Facebook scheduler are higher placed in news feeds than the ones scheduled using a tool like Hootsuite ? In other terms, has Facebook singled out its own scheduler?

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