15 Tips to improve your Hotel Facebook Page?

20120708-234416.jpgI’ve been touring Facebook Hotel Pages for about 6 weeks, looking at what Hotels think doing right, and what easy changes they could make to give their Pages more impact and their visitors a better experience.

I’ve found some interesting things on many Pages, but one thing that stood out was that many Page owners aren’t taking full advantage of the valuable real estate that is their Facebook Page.

I’ve compiled a list of tips you can easily make to your Hotel Page to improve visitors experience and give to your Facebook Page a greater impact.

  • Proofread

    No matter how beautiful your cover photo or how much your Hotel rocks – misspelled words and bad grammar will drive customers away.
    What you post will become your Digital Business Card.
    Unfortunately, there are many Pages, websites that contain these types of mistakes.
    Don’t let yours be one of them.

  • Hotels must have a Business Page, not a personnal page.

    It’s a violation of Facebook’s TOS to run an Hotel business page on a personal profile.
    Do you know what is the difference?
    If people send you a ‘friend request’ to be part of your community, your page is set up as a personal profile. Click on the link create a page at the top right of your Facebook profile.
    A business page’s fans ‘Like’ the Page.

  • Claim your Hotel vanity URL.

    A vanity url looks like this: http://www.facebook.com/HotelName. This is very important so that you can easily direct people to your Facebook Page.

  • Include your Hotel website URL

    in the visible portion of the About section. Facebook doesn’t allow for the URL to be included on the cover photo, so it should be in the next most visible spot.
    This will allow visitors to click through to your website as soon as they visit your Page.
    Tips: You do not need the http:// before or the / after the url.

  • The About section

    Use all of the space in the visible portion of the About section. There are 155 characters visible in the About section on the Timeline.
    Tips: Use them all to give an impact statement about your Property.

  • Fill out the Description

    Fill out the Description and all other informations that are allowed for your Page, don’t leave anything blank.

  • Pin and Highlight.

    The main features of the Timeline are Pin and Highlight.
    Pinning allows you to pull a post from anywhere on your page and “pin” it to the top of your page for seven days.
    Highlight lets you expand a post so it fills both columns on your timeline.
    This is a great way to get more mileage out of the content you already have on your page.

  • Use Photos

    There is no debating that photos and other images have a lot of attention-getting power.
    In fact, you may already be doing this for Pinterest.
    Try sharing your photos and images on Facebook first, then upload them to Pinterest and add a link back to your Facebook post.
    This will give you some extra mileage for both your content and your Facebook page.

    Every Hotel should use images to grab attention, whether they use product images, photos of their outlets, photos of their Suites, photos of their USP, Hotel Design etc…
    You will get better results if you share photos, to optimize your photos you need to know The Most Precise Measurements Of Timeline Page Images.

  • Check Apps.

    Delete any empty/unused apps. Since the advent of Timeline for Pages, tabs have been discontinued and replaced with apps. If you don’t know how to proceed, Check this Web Site my permission.org
    These apps are just to the right of the About section.
    Don’t send visitors to a blank or outdated page. You don’t know how to create your own Facebook Custom Tab, use this Tutorial via purpleoakdesign [Simple step by step instructions!]. And why don’t you Link your reservation portal to a Facebook Custom Tab?

  • Add Social Media Apps.

    Add YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress Blog apps to your Page.
    This makes your Facebook Page an all-inclusive destination for your Hotel web presence.

  • Move the “likes” app to the second row.

    It’s easy to move the apps around. The only one that can’t be moved is the Photos app.
    Now that your Page’s likes are shown under the Hotel name, it’s redundant to have the Likes app showing.
    That’s valuable real estate, so use it for something else like a link to your YouTube, Twitter, Hotel Blog or your Pinterest page.

  • Facebook &Twitter

    Twitter and Facebook are two distinct networks with two distinct sets of etiquette and norms.

    The people you’re connected to on Twitter expect different things than those you’re connected to on Facebook (even if most of them are the same group of people).

    The culture of both networks is different, so if you combine them you risk losing your audience.

  • Engagement

    If you have a business page on Facebook, you have probably heard the word “engagement” a thousand times.

    You want to engage your fans — that means get them to interact, share, like and comment on your content.

    When someone posts something on your page, or comments on one of your posts, it’s the perfect opportunity to like and comment back.

    You can set your notifications in Facebook to send you an email when someone has posted or commented, or you can use a notification app like Hyper Alerts so you don’t miss anything.

    This kind of interaction only takes a few seconds, but it can open up the door to conversation, sharing and more engagement with your Fans.

  • Adjust your strategy

    If you are not reaching people multiple times with your posts, you may have to adjust your strategy.

    Experiment with posting more often, focusing on getting more engagement so that your post comes up more in your fans news feed.

    Otherwise try to add question into your post description. Asking questions is probably one of the easiest methods to get fans to comment and share their thoughts. Without asking a question, people might just read the article and move on.

    If you are not using a Dashboard Social Media like Hootsuite use the New Facebook Scheduler Feature it will help you to promote your next F&B Event.

    You may need to do something more involved, like running a contest or Facebook Ads to reconnect with your audience.

  • Facebook Ad

    If you don’t know how to create a Facebook Ad Check this tutorial.
    In order to measure the success of return in Facebook advertising, you must first establish your advertising objectives.

    Before you even create your ad, decide what your intended end-result for these efforts will be.
    These goals don’t have to be complex.
    In fact, some of the goals I’ve seen in the past have included:

      Generating revenue
      Increasing sales
      Promoting hotel by maximizing visibility

    Setting a clear goal before undertaking the advertising action will allow you to accurately measure your ROI and decide if it has been worth the time and resources.

  • Skip URL shorteners on Facebook.

    While URL shorteners like Bit.ly are popular on other social media platforms, they’re not on Facebook.
    According to a Buddy Media Study, you must use the full URL or brand specific URL shortener to increase engagement.This is attributable to the fact that participants want to know where the link will lead them.

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    Feel free to leave your comments below.

    Posted by Alain Classe

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  1. Terrific post on marketing hotels with a Facebook business page! It is definitely not a one time effort and requires constant nurturing as your many excellent points highlight. I am glad that you put “Proofread” first in the list. It is difficult to be perceived as professional and trustworthy (when you are not a brand name travel company) when your online profile includes glaring spelling mistakes. Here is one post I wrote about the subject:

    It is disappointing that hotels and tourism businesses (or any other for that matter) cannot put their site URL on the main Facebook business page and above the fold. Of course it is absolutely critical that it is included not only on the About page as you say, but also in multiple status updates. Some visitors may reach your Facebook page when searching for travel ideas and wish to go directly to your website to learn more and book direct. It is especially true on mobile phones as clicking on a link is much easier than typing a long URL.

    To help tourism marketers keep their Facebook page fresh, I advise setting a calendar reminder like in Google Calendar. By creating a repeating reminder (for example Wednesday once a week), you can receive an email automatically telling you to post a status update, new hotel photo, or latest happenings in your destination.

    -Scott, BookingCounts – Tourism Website Optimization

  2. Very important that your Hotel or Restaurant address on FB actually locates correctly on Bing Maps, and that you claim your Facebook Places business page and combine. The same approach should be taken with Tripadvisor, Foursquare & Google Places with regards addresses and maps.

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