Hotels: 8 Tips to Better Organize Your Social Media Efforts

20120708-234416.jpgSocial Media Management can be a difficult task, no matter how long you’ve been, no matter what is your experience on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Pinterest or any of the other platforms.
If you compare Social Media with Athletism It’s better to be a marathonian than a sprinter, Social Media is a long journey…, not a sprint.

What you should monitor is your organization, it is the key to limit your frustration, your effort and your time and for the latest point, in the Hospitality Industry, days seems always too short.

Below are few ways that you can use to better organize your social media efforts.

  • Developp a Social Media Calendar
  • You must remember your Monthy, Weekly or Daily Social Media Agenda must be livable, you should post on a regurarly basis, to post once a day or a week on Facebook or Twitter there is no interest. If you have no clue how to create One, you get have à look on my former post, it will give you some tips.

  • Developp a strategy/routine
  • Take time the morning to review all of the social media posts that occurred the previous day. Do your best to create a strategy or a daily routine and repeat it so that it becomes an habit and as natural as making coffee before you check your email.

  • Use third-Party Tool
  • Take advantage of the many free and/or pay-for-service social media scheduling, analytics and monitoring tools. Some great tools are: Hootsuite (free) and Seesmic (free), otherwise you can use the new scheduling post feature in Facebook that is sure to help get posts out more efficiently.

  • Create Alerts
  • Don’t hesitate to create alerts with Keywords about your property, create alerts in different languages, ex: Hotel Genève is not equal to Hotel Geneva, to do so you can have a look on my former post.
    You can use Google Alerts, Social Mention or any other tool like Hootsuite.
    Set up saved searches in Hootsuite to find out if people are talking about your city, your Hotel’s Competitors.

  • Limit Decision Makers
  • We all know what happens when approval is needed from several different Persons. Most of the time the decision is taken during the Marketing Meeting (if you are lucky it happens once a week) The idea gets bounced around for hours, days and by the time it has been approved, the post you had in mind has no more interest or you have reached the dead line of the Event.
    Try your best to establish a “small committee” of three (including yourself) that has the authority to approve your posts and your photos.
    From my own experience it’s only a matter of time before they give you the keys to the car.

  • Delegate
  • You must try to delegate what you can. If you are in charge of posting, ask someone to assist you with content or photos.
    Althought you can use tools like Flipboard or Paperli to get content, for your favorite posts try Pearltrees. I know most of us have a hard time letting someone else drive, but time is valuable and must not be wasted.
    For photos don’t forget to resize them regarding which Social Networks you will use them. If you don’t know them use this link

  • Don’t waste time.
  • In the social media world, there is no time to waste. Do your best to track your successes and your failures, what’s hot and what’s not, and trending topics.
    Analyse your Facebook
    To do so you must know your audience and know what triggers them to engage, on Twitter you can use Socialbro It’s a great tool.

  • Redistribute content.
  • When you redistribute content, use caution. You can be sure some of your “fans” or “followers” subscribed to your different feeds. If you have the same people following several accounts you manage, you could annoy them.
    You should be aware that your Twitter audience is not the same than your Facebook audience, they are not waiting for the same kind of news.

Hotels Management start to realize the great opportunities they get in their hands using Social Media,
opportunity to create relationship with customers,
opportunity to get Brand Advocates,
opportunity to generate revenue with an Higher Revpar.

If you want to make the best use of your time and maintain a sustainable and efficient social media presence, if you want to convince your Management that you are efficient, you need to be sure to organize your efforts from the moment you start.
Even if there is only one of these ideas is appealing, try to keep all of them in mind when developing your strategy and tackling your everyday social media responsibilities.


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